About Us


Are you considering earning your pilot license, adding an additional rating, or possibly making flying a career choice? Accelerated Aviation Instruction is absolutely your BEST Choice! We are located in south central Minnesota in the city of Owatonna (Air Navigation KOWA). Our convenient instruction location has scenic flights to airports in Minneapolis, Rochester, Mankato, and Mason City, Iowa……all within a flying time of one hour. Our airspace is a perfect mixture of B, C, & D which allows students to become proficient in all airspace categories. Many of our students make our location at “flight training vacation” as we have nearby hotels, Bed & Breakfast locations, VRBO, Air B&B, lakes, and many attractions the entire family will enjoy.

Accelerated Aviation Instruction is passionate about flying and our flight training is in a class of it’s own. We believe in accelerating training while providing the most thorough instruction. We only schedule you when we have a flight instructor and airplane available. With our accelerated approach your instructor is with you all day every day until you complete your training.

WE EXCEED YOUR EXPECTATIONS by having a airplane dedicated to you, ready to fly, when you need it…..this means better instruction WITHOUT COSTLY DELAYS!


Accelerated Aviation will provide you the training you are looking for. At AAI you will enjoy an experienced instructor, excellent modern aircraft, and a highly advanced airline-style training program. Once we know where you want to be, we design a customized training program to get you there. The aviation industry has an abundance of opportunities and SENIORITY IS EVERYTHING. At AAI we will get you to your flying goals FAST!

Thinking of becoming a pilot? There was a surge in demand for pilots before COVID-19 and as we get beyond COVID-19 we will continue with that surge. Boeing: Pilot and Technician Outlook from 2020 to 2039 estimates that after COVID-19 there will be a need for 763,000 new pilots worldwide. North American demand will be 208,000 pilots which will amount to 10,400 each year. This is a great time to become a pilot. Modern technologies are commonplace in training aircraft. This will include iPads with electronic flight displays with moving maps and traffic awareness. Today’s Training aircraft have auto pilots, on board weather and GPS navigation.

These advances help to make flying fun and extremely safe. With our Accelerated training programs, they allow pilots to train more efficiently and consistently and allow training content to be accessed anywhere that is convenient.

Our programs are designed for the busy pilot or student who wants to complete training in days, not 1 to 5 years. Our instructors are 100% committed to providing the time and knowledge so you can move forward with your aviation goals quickly.

Why become a Pilot? You will see things from a whole new perspective. Take a flight to look over your crops or your town enjoying the freedom and view from 3,000 feet. It could be your friend’s wedding, birthday, graduation or just for pleasure. If you have your private pilot’s license, you will be able to enjoy all those things and get there faster. Go see your friends or relatives and instead of five hours in the car you only spend 2 hours flying. With your own pilot’s license, you can simply pull up to the airport. Park your car. And go.

Whether or not you have ever considered flying commercial aircraft is not necessarily important. However, if you have obtained your private pilots license, then you have opened the door to these opportunities.