Course Overview

At Accelerated Aviation Instruction we offer a variety of courses to help you accomplish your aviation goals. Our accelerated programs will keep you on track with no delays for instructors or aircraft. Most courses will dedicate one instructor only to you. They will work with you every day until you have the rating or certificate you desire. This is the key to our success.

If you work full-time each day on your course, we will work with you every day until the rating is in your pocket. That is our guarantee. We will do everything we can to make sure you finish on time and on budget. Just give us a call and we can work out a solution for you. Remember, we are here to help you achieve your goals and reach for the sky. We look forward to seeing you. Come fly with us.

The Owatonna Airport is a great training airport as it has both an ILS and the Halfway VOR. Both are great navigational aids in instrument training. Of course, there are RNAV approaches to all the runways as well.

Owatonna is relatively close to the Minneapolis/ St. Paul area for gaining experience in Class B airspace, as well as a close proximity to the Rochester Airport for Class D experience. As a somewhat quieter airport you are always number one for take-off negating time consuming delays on the taxiway. The airport is just north of the City of Owatonna on Interstate 35. At the entrance of the airport is the landmark of the T-38’s in a starburst formation.

Private Pilot
21 Day Course
Commercial Pilot

7 Day SE Commercial Course

10 Day SE/ME Commercial Course

Instrument Course
10 Day Course
Multi-Engine Add-On

3 Day ME Course

Multi-Engine Instructor


3 Day Course

Finish Up Courses

We have many students who come from other flight schools to finish up their ratings.  Some are tired of going in slow flight and some have trouble getting enough time when they want it with the airplane and instructor. They usually can’t believe how fast we get them done! We will designate an airplane and instructor to help you finish at your pace.

CFI,CFII,MEI initial

10 Day Course

CFII add on

10 Day Course

Time Building Program

Do you need to build time for any of the ratings? We offer a discounted price/hr so you can build those hours and achieve those goals.

Redbird Simulator

Expand your training capabilities and keep your skills sharp. The versatile Redbird LD is the perfect solution