Private Pilot Course

21 Day Private Pilot Certificate

Private Pilot Course Fee

Self Study*

Add Course Fee + Plane Cost to get Total Cost

Please see our plane options and costs listed below……

Cessna 152

Cessna 152: 45 Hours of flight time is $5895.00

Airplane Cost:

Cessna 152 Dry Rate: $95/hr

Approx. Fuel Cost/hr: $36

Approximate Total Cost: $131/hr


Piper Warrior

Piper Warrior: 45 Hours of flight time is $6390.00

Airplane Cost:

Piper Warrior Dry Rate: $100/hr

Approx. Fuel Cost/hr: $42

Approaximate Total Cost: $142/hr

Piper Archer N2460U

Piper Archer: 45 Hours of flight time is $7380.00

Airplane Cost:

Piper Archer Dry Rate: $110/hr

Approx. Fuel Cost/hr: $54

Total Cost: $164/hr

Piper Archer N8138H

Piper Archer: 45 Hours of flight time is $7155.00

Airplane Cost:

Piper Archer Dry Rate: $105/hr

Approx. Fuel Cost/hr: $54

Total Cost: $159/hr

Our 21-day Private Pilot Certificate will get you up in the air and qualified to fly during the day or night in good weather conditions. You will have a dedicated instructor to work with you one-on-one to ensure you finish on time and on budget – in as little as three weeks. This course is great to further your hobby or get you started on your career as a pilot.

Accelerated Private Pilot Course 21 Days (168 Hours):

This is a 3-week course which includes approximately 168 hours of training (Ground and flight) and 40-45 hours of aircraft rental. During your training you will be flying around Class B, C and D airspace in beautiful central and southern Minnesota. We have the perfect combination of
airspace and incredible airports to provide a great training atmosphere.

  1. Passed the FAA knowledge exam.
  2. Valid third class medical certificate.
  3. Must have student pilot certificate. from FAA prior to arriving (Free from FAA, contact us for how to get one)

FAA Requirements to Obtain a Private Pilot Certificate

  1. Be at least 17 years of age
  2. Be able to read, write, and converse fluently in English
  3. Obtain at least a third-class FAA medical certificate
  4. Receive and log ground training from an authorized instructor or complete a home-study course
  5. Pass a knowledge test with a score of 70% or better.
  6. Accumulate appropriate flight experience
  7. Receive a total of 40 hours of flight instruction and solo flight time and demonstrate skill
  8. Successfully complete a practical (flight) test given as a final exam by an FAA inspector or designated pilot examiner and conducted as specified in the FAA’s Private Pilot Practical Test

* Self Study is not guaranteed to be completed in 21 days. Student needs to be self motivated and come to class prepared.

Standards Private Pilot Privileges and Limitations

  1. As a private pilot, you may not act as a pilot in command of an aircraft that is carrying passengers or property for compensation or hire, nor may you be paid to act as a pilot in command, except
    a) You may act as a pilot in command, for compensation or hire, of an aircraft in connection with any business or employment if the flight is only incidental to that
    business or employment and the aircraft does not carry passengers or property for compensation or hire.
  2. You may equally share the operating expenses of a flight with passengers, provided the expenses only involve fuel, oil, airport expenditures, or airplane rental fees.
  3. lf you are an aircraft salesperson and have at least 200 hr. of logged flight tune, you may demonstrate an airplane in flight to a prospective buyer.
  4. You may act as a pilot in command of a charitable, nonprofit, or community event flight described in 91.146, if the sponsor and pilot comply with the requirements of 91. 146.
  5. You may be reimbursed for aircraft operating expenses that are directly related to search and location operations, provided the expenses involve only fuel, oil, airport expenditures, or rental fees, and the operation is sanctioned and under the direction and control of a local, State, or Federal agency; or an organization that conducts search and location operations.

 *Price is based on training being completed during consecutive days. Delays are possible due to weather, unexpected maintenance or other unforeseen circumstances. If you have questions about these requirements, please call us.

** NO Hidden Costs – We publish our costs, number of days in the course and airplane hours allotted so nothing is hidden. If your shopping other flight schools make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Most will list their price as 40 hours Instruction and 40 hours aircraft rental. If we did the same our price would be $7115.00 for a private pilot certificate. We want all our students to become great pilots and we know that it will take more than the basic bare bones.