We Offer Frustration Free Financing. Don’t Get Frustrated. We Will Help You

One of the largest challenges to flight training is the cost. While learning to fly is an incredible investment in your personal or working future, we realize it can be difficult to navigate the complexities of paying for flight training. Most importantly, do not get frustrated. We will help you though the financing process. Click on the link below to access financing applications. In addition, many of our students have had success working with their local bank or credit union for a simple personal or student loan. A home equity line of credit offers a financing path that normally has a more attractive interest rate. With our many years in business, and number of successful students, we have established numerous ways to to help finance your flight training. Accelerated Aviation Instruction also accepts credit cards for payment convenience. If your dream is a career in aviation, we will help you accomplish that dream! Just pick up the phone and call us for more details and assistance in the financing process.