Experienced Instructors

You will be with the SAME INSTRUCTOR in the SAME PLANE through your ENTIRE TRAINING PROCESS.”


Everyone of our instructors have the same goal…..to help you complete your training as professionally, economically, and efficiently as possible.  Our team is a mix of experienced & tested older & younger instructors who love to teach and care about every student. If you encounter problems ( maneuver difficulties, understanding systems and concepts, and others) during flight training “AND YOU WILL”……you can rest assured every instructor has seen it before and knows how to get through it.
We customize your instruction to match your goals as a pilot.  Whether your flying for a hobby or pleasure, or want to make flying your career, Accelerated Aviation Instruction will create a plan that works for you.
Jim Jacobson (CFI, CFII, MEI)

Jim Jacobson (CFI, CFII, MEI)

Owner/Chief Flight Instructor

Meet our Chief Flight instructor, Jim Jacobson

In addition to being one of the owners of Accelerated Aviation Instruction, flight training is in Jim’s DNA. He was a flight instructor and an adjunct faculty member at Minnesota State University in Mankato MN in the late 1990’s. While at Minnesota State University Jim also coached the MSU Flight team and was a member of the Mankato squadron of Civil Air Patrol. In the early 2000’s he flight instructed at Minnesota Aviation, located in Albert Lea, MN, then in the mid 2000’s flew freight for PacAir out of Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Jim rejoined Minnesota Aviation in 2007 as the chief pilot and General Manager. He took over the Albert Lea flight school in 2015 and re-branded it Accelerated Aviation Instruction. In February of 2020 Jim moved the flight school to Owatonna, MN.

Jim adds, “I have taught flight training both ways. I thoroughly enjoy accelerated training so much more. The student progresses so much faster when you can work with them all day, every day. They have dedicated the time and money to achieve their next milestone in aviation. The student has isolated himself or herself from all the distractions that life and family can throw at them (at least for a short while). This is the way that the airlines and the military have successfully taught, why not civilian aviation as well?”  “I do caution students that you can’t just take one of the Accelerated Aviation Instruction courses and forget it.” You must keep reviewing, practicing and honing your aviation skills to stay safe and proficient.