Multi-Engine Add-On

Multi-Engine Pilot Add On
3* Days:

Multi-Engine Add-On Course Fee

Add Course Fee + Plane Cost to get Total Cost

Please see our plane options and costs listed below……

Choose from Geronimo or Apache Aircraft


Piper Apache

Piper Apache: 9 Hours $2,871

Airplane Cost:

Piper Apache Dry Rate: $250/hr

Approx. Fuel Cost/hr: $102

Total Cost: $352/hr

Got your private? Get your multi-rating in 3 days. This is a 3-Day course which includes approximately 24 hours of training (Ground and flight), and 9-10 hours of aircraft rental. Simple add on course allows you to fly multi engine airplanes, and if you have your instrument rating, we can add that on with a small fee! Can be done to private or commercial standards.


  • Valid medical certificate
  • Hold a single engine certificate.

* Price is based on training being completed during consecutive days. Delays are possible due to weather, unexpected maintenance or other unforeseen circumstances. If you have questions about
these requirements, please call us.

** Hidden Costs – We publish our costs, number of days in the course and airplane hours allotted so nothing is hidden. If you are shopping other flight schools make sure you are comparing apples to apples. Most will list their price as 9-10 hours Instruction and 9-10 hours aircraft rental/simulator. If we did the same our price would be $3796.00 for a Multi Engine pilot rating.
We want all our students to become great pilots and we know that it will take more than the basic bare bones.

Basically, you have to do training in the areas of operation found in FAR 61.107(b)(2) that cover the multi engine rating at the private level.

Piper Geronimo

Piper Geronimo:  9 Hours $2,871

Airplane Cost:

Piper Geronimo Dry Rate: $260/hr

Approx. Fuel Cost/hr: $110

Total Cost: $370/hr


  • No age requirement.
  • No formal ground school.
  • No FAA regulated flight time is required, but you must have at least a private pilot certificate.

FAR 61.63(c) Additional class rating. Any person who applies for an additional class rating to be added on a pilot certificate:


  • Must have an endorsement in his or her logbook or training record from an authorized instructor and that endorsement must attest that the applicant has been found competent in the aeronautical knowledge areas appropriate to the pilot certificate for the aircraft class rating sought;
  • Must pass the required practical test that is appropriate to the pilot certificate for the aircraft class rating sought.
  • Need not meet the specified training time requirements prescribed by this part that apply to the pilot certificate for the aircraft class rating sought unless the person holds a lighter than-air category rating with a balloon class rating and is seeking an airship class rating and
  • Need not take an additional knowledge test, provided the applicant holds an airplane, rotorcraft, powered lift, or airship rating at that pilot certificate level.