CFII Add-On (3 day)

CFII Add-On Course (3 Days)

CFII Add-On Course Fee**

Add Course Fee + Plane Cost to get Total Cost

Please see our plane options and costs listed below……

Cessna 152

Cessna 152: 5 Hours of flight time is $645.00


Piper Warrior

Piper Warrior: 5 Hours of flight time is $710.00

Piper Archer N2460U

Piper Archer : 5 Hours of flight time is $820.00

Piper Archer N8138H

Piper Archer N8138H : 5 Hours of flight time is $780.00

Cessna 182

Cessna 122: 5 Hours of flight time is $945.00


Redbird Simulator

Redbird Simulator : 5 Hours of flight time is $395.00


Flight Instructor Instrument Course – Let us train you to train others! This is a 3-Day course that includes approximately 24 hours of training (Ground and flight), and 5 hours of aircraft rental and 5 hours of simulator time. We combine real-life skills with textbook application to ensure the highest quality in our instructors.  Our 3-day program will allow you to pass the check ride with flying colors.



  • Valid medical certificate.
  • FAA written exams completed.
  • Commercial certificate held for instructor course sought.

*Price is based on training being completed during consecutive days. Delays are possible due to
weather, unexpected maintenance or other unforeseen circumstances. If you have questions about
these requirements, please call us.
** Hidden Costs – We publish our costs, number of days in the course and airplane hours allotted so nothing is hidden. If your shopping other flight schools make sure you are looking at apples to apples. We want all our students to become great pilots and we know that it will take more than the basic bare bones.


Instrument Flight Instructor – This instructor certificate allows you to teach others how to fly in instrument conditions or others how to receive their instrument flight instructor certificate.  Also, as an instrument flight instructor you can give instrument proficiency checks. A knowledge test and practical test are required.

Ground Instructor – There are two different types of ground instructor certificates, the advanced ground instructor certificate, or the instrument grow1d instructor certificate .. By taking only a written test you can become one.  With this certificate you can teach other students the ground portion towards a certificate. When a flight instructor certificate and an 80% pass rate accompany this certificate after two years, a gold seal on an instructor certificate may be obtained.